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Your space gets more competitive every day, traditional media simply does not cut it anymore, if you’re still ignoring digital, you’re going to be out of the game very soon. Luckily for you we have a team of digital design specialists and lead generation experts armed with sales funnels ready to launch your business into the stratosphere.


Your space gets more competitive every day, traditional media simply does not cut it anymore, if you’re still ignoring digital, you’re going to be out of the game very soon. Luckily for you we have a team of digital design specialists and lead generation experts armed with sales funnels ready to launch your business into the stratosphere.


Your space gets more competitive every day, traditional media simply does not cut it anymore, if you’re still ignoring digital, you’re going to be out of the game very soon. Luckily for you we have a team of digital design specialists and lead generation experts armed with sales funnels ready to launch your business into the stratosphere.


At RANKED, we understand that no two businesses are the same. We actively celebrate the unique DNA of your company and use that to spearhead those SEO Strategies accordingly. After all, the only true route to success is one that works for your specific needs. Achieving the best SEO results isn’t a simple case of striving for a bigger web presence. Understanding your specific goals in business vital. There are many elements to consider, and we can help you work through them. After all, it’s impossible to achieve your dreams if you don’t first equip yourself with a clear vision.

One of the most pertinent questions is whether you are looking to target a global audience or a localised one. These two goals are achieved through contrasting strategies, this is why understanding your search engine goals is so important.

Similarly, SEO plans may be slightly affected by the age or gender of your ideal demographic you are trying to reach. Those elements will not impact the strategies quite like the battle between global and local SEO, nevertheless, it is important to have a distinct idea of what you’re aiming for. Otherwise, results will always be limited. To help with your local SEO, Google My Business optimisation is essential. It quite literally “puts you on the map”. This is because such a large percentage of local search result in users clicking through the Google Maps snippet, as opposed to on the SERP.


Different SEO strategies are to be tailored to achieve varying results, depending on the businesses budget. We are committed to finding the very best solution for your business. This includes using a combination of on-site and off-site plans.

With long-term aspirations in mind, we tend to focus on white hat SEO strategies. This basically means that we’re looking for those organic factors that will bring lasting benefits. The bulk of our attention is cast towards human interaction rather than the aggressive black hat ideologies. Black hat strategies tend to disregard the search engine practices, opting for excessive keyword stuffing and invisible text. This can be great for short-term success but can bring negative long-term impacts.

As the most reputable Bangkok SEO, we’re dedicated to our clients. That’s why we believe an SEO agency should guarantee results before starting work. The methods that RANKED uses to rank your website will provide long-lasting results. This means your website will continue to rank, even after you stop doing SEO.

We’re the only SEO agency in Bangkok that guarantees the results of SEO before we start.


Before worrying about individual SEO strategies, SEO requires a deep understanding of the subject to gain the very best results. That’s why your best bet is to trust experienced professionals. Only then will you use the best methods aimed at gaining the outcomes you desire.

SEO is a crucial element for building a strong online presence, and no company cannot afford to ignore the need for it. However, it’s important to remember that this is still a marketing investment. As with any other marketing strategy, you want to gain positive outcomes in the most cost-effective manner. Selecting the best methods will give you a far better return on investment.

Increased ROI will inevitably benefit other aspects of the company. Furthermore, it should give you more leverage for future expansion.


When consumers are searching for specific products and services, they will usually use specific terms. For example, they might search for ‘cheap web hosting’. As far as your website’s content is concerned, content marketing is crucial for SEO. Embracing these keywords and phrases is vital. As the leading Bangkok SEO agency, we guarantee we can rank your business for any keywords, both in Bangkok and internationally.

While you want to avoid the aggressive black hat strategy, it’s imperative that pages are focused towards those terms. How else is a customer meant to find your business if your content doesn’t show them that you offer what they’re looking for?

A search engine uses Whether it’s pages, content or any other element, getting this aspect perfected will provide a solid foundation for your SEO plans.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) refers to the process of maximising your website’s number of visitors by ensuring that your content is appearing at the top of search engine result pages. You are perfecting your content to please Google and other search providers, hence the phrase search engine optimisation. You’re probably more familiar with how SEO works than you’d think. When you’re searching Google for an answer to your problem, search engines use SEO to find the best solution to your query.
A good agency will provide SEO services that help search engines understand your website’s content better through keywords, key phrases, and its coding structure. If the content contains the related keywords and key phrases, the website is then ranked on its results pages for that search query.
Keywords and key phrases are essential to how SEO works. Search engines work with what we know as “crawlers”. Crawlers are used to scan websites in order to understand them better and to know how to rank them in relation to their keywords and key phrases. For this to work, you have to optimise your website for both on-page and off-page SEO.
On-page SEO
focuses on your website’s elements and optimising them for search engines. In a nutshell, this refers to both your website’s content and your site’s HTML code – it’s the aspects of your website that you have control of. These signals tell Google what your page is about and helps crawlers “see” your website. Read our guide about on-page SEO for more information.
Off-page SEO
, on the other hand, focuses on the elements that occur outside of your website. This is where backlinks and social sharing come into play in order to build up your site’s reputation. The more backlinks and social shares you gain, the more search engines will see your content as legitimate and as a source of valuable information for its users. To get a better understanding of off-page SEO, read our guide on the differences between on-page and off-page SEO to understand how they are different.
When you have fully optimised your website for both of these SEO strategies, that’s when you start seeing the process work. For marketing purposes, SEO can put your content ahead of your competitors and open up your lead generation strategy to gain new potential clients.
As SEO is made up of two main strategies, on-page and off-page, your optimisation efforts will mostly rely on how you improve your approaches for each facet. Each of these SEO tactics requires a lot of elbow grease and plenty of time to start seeing results.To do search engine optimisations, you have to look at your website as a whole as well as its presence in the online space. On-page SEO will require you to look at your website’s heading structures, internal links, targeted keywords, overall user experience, loading speed and your image optimisations. You will also have to analyse your website’s code and ensure that it’s easily scannable by crawlers.
Off-page SEO isn’t as focused on your website’s pages as much as it’s about other people’s content. The way that off-page SEO works is that it looks at how many times your site has been referenced, or linked, on other websites. This shows Google that your content can be trusted and provides value to users. For you to acquire these backlinks, you will have to do a large amount of outreach and enhance your social sharing strategies.
It is possible for you to do SEO by yourself, however, this isn’t always recommended. SEO can get complicated and your website’s structure may need further coding to ensure that it’s fully adapted for search engines. This will require in-depth site optimisations and extensive knowledge of SEO.
By doing SEO yourself, you might not get yourself on the first page of Google. Trusting a professional agency will provide you with a sense of comfort and confidence knowing that your website is being fully optimised to get you to the top of Google. This also means that you will have more time focusing on your business rather than handling finicky coding or spending hours doing link building outreach.
To determine how much you should be paying for SEO services largely depends on the type of package you’re choosing. Most agencies will either offer a performance-based pricing package or a set monthly package. In our professional opinion, a monthly package is best as it provides a sense of security knowing that your SEO needs are always covered.
A monthly pricing package is a more commonly used practice amongst agencies. With a monthly SEO plan, you can expect to pay an established fee per month in return for a fixed amount of services. On top of that, you’re also paying for continued oversight and maintenance of your website’s SEO. The benefit of choosing a monthly package is that it offers a better long-term SEO plan.
Performance-based pricing looks at your immediate results as opposed to the long-term growth of your website’s success. With this plan, you are essentially only paying for the results that were established at the start of the business relationship. As SEO takes a lot of time, most agencies will steer clear of this method due to the lack of guarantee in results.
Optimising for SEO in Bangkok is all about generating traffic to your website by ensuring your content and pages are appearing on the top search engine result pages when people search for something specific online. To do this, a set of optimisations are needed to ensure your content is recognised by Google as relevant to the particular keywords and search terms that they relate to.Basically, a set point of pointers needs to be put into place to help search engines understand what your content is really about.
If you haven’t optimised your website and content correctly, Google won’t know to deliver them in user’s search results.
When it comes to SEO, search engines look at 3 main areas when trying to answer a search query: authority, relevancy, and crawlable. These factors help search engines understand your content better and therefore rank your page suitability based on its ability to answer the initial question. So, what do these 3 factors entail? Let’s keep crawlable simple as it can get a bit technical. These are the codes and site structures that help search engine crawlers navigate your content and tell them exactly what they’re looking at. Aspects like internal linking, heading structures, and site maps come into play here. For this to work, you’d have to look at optimising your website for both on-page and off-page SEO.
Authority, on the other hand, is a little less complicated. This has to do with how reputable your website is in the eyes of
Relevancy is a crucial part of producing a well thought out SEO Bangkok service. To rank well on Google and search engine result pages, you have to ensure that you’re using the right keywords and key phrases. For example, if your website was for a car dealership in Bangkok, Western Australia, you’d want to rank locally for related keywords, rather than pizza shops in Joondalup, right? The more relevant your page is to a Google search, the more likely the search engine will rank your page as a solution.
On-page optimisation (or on-page SEO) refers to all the work that needs to be done internally on your website. It takes into account all the aspects a webpage needs to rank well on Google such as content and HTML structures. Key areas of on-page optimisation are meta tags, alt and title tags, keywords, headings, internal links, and what actually exists on your webpages. On-page SEO is important to your overall optimisation strategy because it helps search engines understand your website. It also tells them how your page is relevant to the search query. Without it, your chances of landing on the first page of Google are slim.
Off-page SEO relates to the work that needs to be done externally for your website in order to please the likes of Google and other search engines. These techniques can help improve the position of your website by promoting it on other channels. This is where you start to build your site’s level of authority.Off-page ranking factors mostly refer to your link building strategy and the quality of these sources. By placing your content on trusted websites, search engines will start to see your content as more trustworthy and will be more willing to refer it to their users.
The third, less known, pillar of SEO is all about optimising your website for crawling and indexing purposes. When you utilise the right technical you can help search
engines find your content easier while navigating your site without any problems. This means that your search page ranking can quickly get a boost through easy to interpret data.
The truth is there’s an easy and a hard way to win at SEO. Like in life, taking the easy route doesn’t always end in positive results and the same goes for your search engine optimisation strategy. For your website optimisations to bring in long-lasting results and a winning customer base, we highly recommend sticking with white hat tactics.You can think of white hat tactics as the “right” way to do SEO. This form of optimisation is all about quality techniques and strategies that target a human audience rather than technical crawlers. Although it will require a bit more homework and elbow grease, it can create a longer-term investment for your website and see stronger rankings on Google.
Black hat SEO, on the other hand, may get you to rank higher but it does break search engine rules. While some people use these techniques, they also run the risk of getting highly penalised by search engines, therefore, jeopardising their site as a whole. This form of optimisation is typically used by those who want a quick return on their site and look to keyword stuffing, link farming, and other unethical techniques to do so.
Thankfully, the purpose of an SEO Bangkok specialist is pretty clear cut. It’s a strategy that helps improve your site’s ranking in search engines that can put your content in front of your ideal target audience. By using the right mix of keyword research, link building, and site improvements, it can help you bring more traffic to your website, convert visitors to customers, and sell your product or services to an already engaged audience.
Organic results are the naturally ranked pages that appear after searching a query. This means that whatever answer you see on your search engine, these pages have been optimised and has enough uniquely valuable content to get the page to show up on the search engine. Paid, results or PPC, such as Google Ads, are the links that advertisers pay for. These links are the ones that are found at the top of search engine results, as well as near the bottom. Paid results can be recognised by the “ad” symbol next to the listing. Both of these strategies have their strengths and weaknesses while providing a great service to your overall ranking. Nevertheless, if you’re looking to build long-term credibility and yield better ROI rates, organic SEO is often your best bet. This is due to the fact that it organic SEO can support your other marketing initiatives while driving steady website traffic.
With that being said, that doesn’t mean paid SEO is without its benefits. Paying for a search engine ad works wonders in generating fast leads and boosting your brand awareness. It also is a great way to maintain a top result page position without Google’s algorithm affecting your overall strategy.
If you’re making use of white hat techniques, which we hope you are, you may be looking at around 4-6 months turn around time for results. However, SEO doesn’t necessarily work on direct timelines with the amount of input directly correlating to your rate of output.The digital world is constantly changing and search engines are always coming out with new updates and regulations.
For this reason, SEO in may work faster for some than others. To ensure a constant upward trajectory, it’s vital that your optimisations are sustained and that the work is always being put into bettering your content.
What it takes to rank well on Google is constantly changing as are user demands and search preferences. Currently, the main areas that you should focus on in order to please Google are site speed, creating a secure and accessible website, having a mobile-friendly webpage, your content, and keyword structures. Of course, then there are other ranking factors such as URLs, site authority, technical SEO standards, and your link strategy.With all this in mind, it’s key to keep your user experience in mind. This is what Google and other search engines will value most as their user always comes first.
The simple answer is yes, they do. However, getting SEO services to work for you, and drive return on investment (ROI), requires consistent effort.
The truth is that working with search engines is an ongoing work in progress, as algorithms are continuously updated and changed – and how they are updated and changed is highly secretive. However, many people who work in the industry and pay attention to trends are given enough information to work within the parameters set out by the search engines.
As we have mentioned in previous FAQs, SEO services are made up of a number of different elements. So getting these to work for you also requires coordinated effort on your part, in addition to the expertise of your SEO consultant, in order to see real results.
The nature of SEO is also competitive, so to ensure success, you need to keep an eye on your competitors, and continue to fine-tune your own business’ value proposition, in order to become one of the top competitors in your field.
You’ll also need to also take into consideration your own goals. Apart from getting to the top of the SERPs, some businesses might have slightly different goals when it comes to SEO.
The ideal way to find a consultant would be to look for them online. Type in something like “SEO consultants [your city/province/area]” into your chosen search engine and see what comes up.
Anyone in your area who has a thorough understanding of SEO will come up on the first page of the search results, known as the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). We’d recommend taking a look at their websites, portfolios, testimonials and reviews, and then selecting a few that resonate with you.
After that, set up a face to face or online meeting to discuss your goals. Some important things to take into consideration are whether they’re knowledgeable about your business industry and what other companies they have worked with.
Another important point to establish is what their current schedule is like, and whether the team has the capacity to work with you (which will also depend on the size and capacity of both of your teams).
Of course, you don’t have to find an SEO consultant located exactly in your area, as optimisation and best SEO practices can be done online.
The answer here is yes and no. Yes, in that you can study SEO online, earn certifications and implement these kinds of strategies, all on your own. In fact, it’s even possible to teach yourself how to code and build your own SEO optimised website.
However, how many people actually have the time to do this? So while we recommend educating yourself, it’s worth your time to invest in SEO services to help market your business and make you more competitive in the online marketplace.
So in this case, SEO isn’t really free, but perhaps finding a balance between understanding the techniques involved yourself, and working together with a knowledgeable service provider could deliver the results you’re looking for.
In fact, many SEO consultants offer different types of packages, so you invest only as much as you can afford. Of course, depending on the size of your business, there might also be different kinds of rates and packages available to suit your financial requirements.
Overall, keeping up to date with SEO is a full-time job, so it’s worth getting a team on board to help you while you’re busy coordinating multiple other elements of your business.