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WordPress vs Wix

WordPress and Wix are two very competitive developers of ready-made website building tools, especially Wix, which is self-developed to meet the needs of modern users, while WordPress is also a provider. Leading level of this industry If anyone who is hesitant about choosing a website with any service provider Today we are going to make a simple visual comparison to see each other.


WordPress Flexibility

  • There are themes to choose from, both free and paid. Which the user will be able to switch as needed Or if you are not satisfied, you can use the external theme to use
  • Customize your blog quickly and easily. Making it easy for users to enjoy adjusting parts
  • Install another plugin to add additional website functionality freely.
  • There are different characteristics that are suitable for SEO.

WordPress can be freely customized and edited. But there are many parts that the user needs to rely on for basic computer knowledge. The theme customization function is not previewed during editing. It can therefore result in a slightly cumbersome process.

Most importantly, WordPress doesn’t have a store system. So if anyone wants to have it, they have to find a plugin to install themselves.

Wix Review

  • Support website creation with more than 500 templates.
  • Comfortable adjustment system, smooth flow. With an example showing correction
  • No need to install a plugin to create a trading system. But this can be done through upgrading Wix to a business plan to launch a payment system.
  • There is a Wiz SEO system to help provide SEO advice for new beginners.

Wix offers fewer blogging options. Plus I can’t add different sized headers. Also, there are no color options available. Additionally, the template cannot be modified by the user after completing the process.


Wix has a more demanding approach to the general public. From a simple operation, not as complicated as But for anyone who already has basic computer knowledge Manageable and customizable WordPress is a more cost-effective alternative. Because it gives the website a more detailed and unique look.