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What is wordpress?

WordPress is a Contents Management System (CMS) website creation program written in PHP language that allows people to easily create and publish the content they want. By working it will have to rely on the Internet from logging into the system. Which it is very popular Because it is a tool for creating the web with quality

what is wordpress

What Makes Up a WordPress Website?

WordPress is designed and built in PHP and has MySQL, Apache and PhpMyAdmin components to run as a server. Which users will be able to use the program DesktopServer It is a server emulator for installing and activating WordPress first because WordPress runs inside the server. So it becomes an alternative to use the program to try to run.

How to Make a WordPress Website Step-by-Step

  • Think of the website you want. Or is consistent with the content that you want to publish
  • Choose a theme and configure the website to look and use the best way to suit your needs.
  • Install WordPress, Theme and Plugins that you want to use.

Benefits of Using WordPress

Users do not have to rely heavily on computer skills. Because the program has already prepared the necessary kits and tools This makes it easier to work and save more time in handling.

WordPress is one of the best tools to help today’s marketing be effective and consistent with today’s marketing niche. If anyone wants to create their own website, WordPress is one of the channels that is most suitable for modern people.