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What is google analytic?

Besides Google being the leader in providing information search services on the internet world They also design features and applications. To help facilitate people in other areas as well, which if anyone is a business operator on the website. As well as looking to help manage statistical data, today we will introduce you to Google Analytics.

google analytic
google analytic

Google Analytics is a Google service designed to manage statistical information for website owners. The web owner will be able to check the statistical movement in Real-Time, while the information presented will be related to the information necessary for the audit such as the characteristics of the visitor group, user behavior on our website, the channel. The different ways people use the website and more so that users can analyze and improve their website. To be effective Including responding to needs better

Why is Google Analytics an important tool for your website?

  • Easy to use through your Google Ads account to help you analyze the overall picture of advertising.
  • This makes it possible to monitor and analyze the behavior of the visitors. Including exploring the characteristics of people who can use the website
  • Causing the development of the website in the right direction
  • Save money as it is totally free. Plus it’s easy to install as well.

Statistical data is a key factor in helping management see the problem. And the direction of the opportunity to operate the business properly If the operation goes without making statistics, it will affect the stability of the business. Both disadvantage in marketing Responding to each other that may be wrong To the reputation of the brand that has progressed