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what is facebook pixel?

Facebook is known to be one of the most popular social media channels out of the abundance of user accounts around the world. Which at present such online communication channel Has begun to adapt to the usage characteristics that promote the business more than in the past. Either promotion to Facebook users themselves or off-site users.

facebook pixel

Facebook Pixel is Facebook’s tracking system for installation on various websites, which will keep track of website visitors who have clicked on the product. Or place an order Thoroughly The recorded data will be forwarded into the system. Allowing the website owner to study the viewing behavior Before analyzing to improve their website in the next step

What It Is and How to Use It

  • Users can re-targeting their data through our Facebook ad settings to show to the group of people who have clicked to visit our website. To promote website traffic to be as convenient as possible to use the service.
  • Use the information obtained to create a Custom Audience group for showing ads that best meet the target audience.
  • Allows users to understand all types of customer groups. Through the study of behavioral data, whether the popularity of the product that can be verified through the number of visits to that product, the quantity of the product pressed Or pressing to pick the product into the basket, but did not press to pay, etc.
  • Easy to determine the direction and plan the next step of the business. How should it be improved? What else do I need to add to the website?

Facebook Pixel is an alternative to a statistics tool. To support another business investigation or planning That the modern entrepreneurs should not be overlooked If you have to want to get a facility that is easy to use and efficient.