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Google Ads Help Improve SEO Rankings?

Strategy to stimulate online marketing using Google Ads. Some people believe that Will be able to drive better SEO rankings, which is the fact that why And why do you believe that? Let’s find out.

Google Ads
Google Ads

Many people understand that Google Ads advertising is a PPC (Pay Per Click) process which will drive generating traffic to your website and bring better SEO rankings. But actually Advertising in this way Regardless of the web Whether they are used in Google Ads or used in Facebook Ads, they do not affect the evaluation mechanism of these sites because they have different algorithms. Including, there is a way to assess the ranking that is not tied to the spending of advertising budget

However, doing Google Ads will not affect your ranking. But it is also useful in a connected aspect. Whether promoting the brand Or business to be known Also, if it acts naturally on Google Search and brings a response to the audience Would inevitably occur to share those content And positively affect Traffic in other channels as well It also comes with tools. Statistical analysis That allows the operation to be structured Therefore, it can be concluded that doing Google Ads does not directly affect SEO ranking, but it is considered a good factor that can be combined with other variables together and can lead to a better ranking.