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Do-it-yourself SEO (Step by Step)

How to do Search Engine Optimization, or simply known as SEO, or that is the process that will put our key to the page, search rankings of various search engines, especially that people around the world use. That is, Google, as well as other search engines or some that are used in certain countries, such as Baidu in China, etc.

seo step by step

By relying on any form of method There are both those who use techniques in black, gray and white lines, which black lines are meant to do things that are at risk of web rules. Or even illegal The gray line is evenly matched. And the white line will be transparent or focus on making sustainable quality

SEO Process

  • Keyword Research

To want our key to top the first page of search. Before doing so, you should choose words or keys really well and be effective first, because once you’ve got the keys, we’ll have to dedicate and push in other ways, and if you put energy or budget into it. One of the keys It should be analyzed very well and in detail for the value of action.

  • Create a Site Structure That Will Enhance SEO

Of course, when the search term searcher has found your key. When you click into the website, you should be able to find a well-structured website. Effective in presenting Can be easily searched into categories without confusion and clearly present the information needed to convey.

However, there are many aspects that should be studied and understood, including principles
Promote link building Content Creation, Quality, and Ranking Review are always a must-have.