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Get a free virtual strategy session to discuss must-have digital marketing strategies for your business. Digital marketing is essential for you to integrate your business into the digital world and to be competitive. Get in touch with us to analyse and strategise suitable strategies for your business from the best SEO in Bangkok.


As businesses get competitive, there is pressure on both top line and bottom line. To stay relevant and ahead of your competitors, you need to be innovative and creative. Using technology is necessary in today’s market to reach targeted customer groups. We are the most prestigious SEO agency in Bangkok with good experience and understanding of the system and its impact on businesses.


We are a team of professionals with extensive experience across verticals to deliver the most optimum SEO services to various businesses. The reasons why you should be teaming with us are

  • We provide assured quality services.
  • We approach very business holistically to develop better understanding of your needs and to deliver the best services.
  • We guarantee results.
  • We employ best SEO techniques.
  • We are service oriented and customer comes first for us.
  • We always aim to remain the best SEO in Bangkok.


At RANKED, we realise that every business is different. We recognise the distinct nature of each organisation and leverage it to our advantage to devise and implement SEO strategies. We correspond our strategies to your unique requirements to ensure the unrivaled results for your business. SEO is not merely about having a strong presence on web, there are many more important aspects to it. We are here to provide you all the necessary support throughout the journey. Remember, it is very difficult to reach your goals without a clear vision.

Whether your organisation aim to target domestic or international market, keep in mind that different strategies are required to achieve these two different goals. Hence, it is vital for you to understand your goals.

Different factors may influence your SEO strategies such age and gender of your target audience. Therefore, it is better to have your crystal clear goals, otherwise your results will be very restricted.

Google My Business optimisation is vital for your local SEO as it identifies your business on the map. The optimisation is especially useful because a large number of users clicked more on search results through Google maps compared to SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).


Depending on the budget allocation of the business, SEO strategies are developed to attain different outcomes. Using various on-site and off-site strategies, we commit ourselves to find most optimal outcomes for your organisation.

We mainly focus on white hat SEO strategies, meaning that we are focused on organic factors which will provide long lasting benefits for our customers. We mostly emphasis on human connections as opposed to combative black hat principles. Black hat strategies focus more on stuffing excessive keywords and invisible texts and ignore ideal search engine principles. Despite a probably near-term success, long term negative implications are sure to follow.

Being the most prestigious SEO agency in Bangkok, we are committed to achieving the best results for our customers. We strongly believe that an SEO agency should commit to the results before initiating any work. The techniques RANKED employ to rank your business website will deliver lasting and stable results. Even after SEO is stopped, your website firmly remain in the top ranks.

We, the only SEO agency, dare to guarantee your SEO results even before the work is started.


To attain best results, SEO demands extensive experience and knowledge of the subject. Hence, it is prudently advised to work with professionals who are equipped with experience and relevant skills. In that way, you can utilise the most optimal methods to accomplish your most anticipated outcomes.

Businesses cannot afford to disregard the need for SEO as it is an essential building block for a robust online presence. Be mindful that this is an investment on marketing, just like any other marketing plans, positive outcomes are expected in most financially economical manner. Opting for the most optimal methods will generate the return on investment that far exceeds your expectations.

An improvement in ROI will strengthen other aspects of your organisation. It will provide you with more convenience for expansion in the future.


Consumers use specific terms when searching for specific products and services, for instance, they may search for “affordable web hosting”. Content marketing is an absolute essential for SEO, thus, incorporating phrases and keywords is necessary. Being the most prestigious SEO agency in Bangkok, we ensure that, for any keywords, we can rank your business, both in domestic and international markets.

Despite your attempt to steer clear of black hat strategies, it is indispensable for webpages to include those terms. If your content does not explain what you are offering, how would your customers know if you have what they are searching for?

To have a solid foundation for your SEO strategy, perfection of pages on the website, content, keywords, etc. are compulsory as a search engine focuses entirely on them.


Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, is the process in which the number of people visiting your website is maximised by making sure that your content is visible on of the search engine results page. Your content is improved and enhanced to satisfy Google and other search engines, hence the term search engine optimisation. While you are searching for an answer to your problem on google, SEO is used by search engines to find the best suitable answer to your question. You probably know more about how SEO operates than you think.
A competent agency will provide SEO services that will assist search engines to understand the content on your website better through key phrases, keywords, and its coding structure. If the website content contains related key phrases and keywords, the website is then ranked for that search query on its results pages.
Key phrases and keywords are necessary for SEO to work. Crawlers are used in search engines. In order to better understand and to know how to rank them in relation to their key phrases and keywords, crawlers are used to scan websites. Websites have to be optimised both on-page and off-page in this procedure.
On-page and off-page are two main strategies under SEO. Optimisation will mostly depend on how you enhance your methods for both on-page and off-page strategies. All of these SEO methods need lot of effort and time before results are seen. You have to look at your website and its presence online as a whole for search engine optimisation. On-page SEO will need you to look at your website’s internal links, targeted keywords, overall user experience, heading structures, loading speed, and image optimisation. Your website’s code has to be analysed and ensured that it is easy for crawlers to read.
The way in which off-page SEO functions is that it counts how many times your website has been linked and referenced to in other websites. Off-page SEO is not as focused on your website’s pages as it is about other people’s content. This indicates to Google that your content is valuable and reliable for users. You will need to have a large amount of outreach and improve your social sharing strategies to gather these backlinks.
Doing SEO by yourself is possible but not always advised. It can become very complicated as further web coding may be required to make sure that it is fully compatible for search engines. Comprehensive site optimisations and in-depth knowledge of SEO will be needed.
Doing SEO by yourself may not get you on the Google’s first page. Hiring a professional agency will guarantee that your website is being fully optimised and you will get to the top of Google. As a result, you will have more time to focus on your core business, do the necessary things, and rest assured that your website’s SEO is being handled by the experts in the field.
The type of package you are choosing will determine how much will be paying for SEO services. Many agencies offer either a fixed monthly package or a performance-based pricing package. In our professional view, a monthly package is the way to go as it gives a sense of security, knowing that your SEO needs will always be taken care of.
Commonly used practice amongst agencies is a monthly pricing package. You can expect to pay an established fee per month for a fixed amount of services with a monthly plan. In addition, this includes maintenance of your website’s SEO and continued oversight. A better long term SEO plan is offered through a monthly package.
Performance-based pricing prioritises the short-term performance over the long-term success. You are paying for the results guaranteed at the start of the business agreement in performance based pricing plan. As SEO consumes lot of time, many agencies will not adopt this technique due to the lack of certainty in results.
SEO optimisation helps generate traffic to your website by ensuring the visibility of your webpages and content on the top SERPs when people look for specific keywords. In order to achieve this, a set of optimisations are implemented so that Google identifies your content as relevant to particular search terms and keywords. Essentially, SEO optimisation is done to facilitate search engines to understand all about your website’s content.
Failing to optimise your website and content will disable Google from displaying them properly in search results.
These three main areas - crawlable, authority, and relevancy - are looked at by search engines when attempting to show relevant answers to a search query. These aspects allow search engines to recognise content better and rank your webpage from its ability to answer to the query. What do these three factors involve? They are site structures and codes that assist search engine crawlers to explore your content and communicate to them exactly what they are looking at. Factors like, heading structures, site maps, and internal linking play a role here. For optimal success, you must optimise SEO on your website both on-page and off-page.
Authority is how much reputation your website has in a search engine’s view.
The critical aspect of providing an unparalleled SEO service in Bangkok is relevancy. It is of high importance that you use key phrases and the right keywords to rank high on search engine result pages and Google. The higher your page’s relevancy to a Google search, the higher probability that the search engine will rank your page on the top search result pages.
All the things that are implemented internally on your website is called on-page optimisation (or on-page SEO). This includes all the necessary aspects for a webpage to rank high on Google, for instance, content and HTML structures. Key areas of on-page optimisation are such as keywords, internal links, meta tags, headings, and all the content on your webpages. On-page SEO helps search engines understand your website and tell them how your page is relevant to the search query. Therefore it is vital to your optimisation strategy. A webpage that lacks on-page optimisation deprives its own chance of landing on the first page of Google.
Off-page SEO, or off-page optimisation, is all about the implementation of external work for your webpages to gain credit from Google and other search engines. It mostly refer to link building strategies and the quality of these sources. Search engines will start to deem your content as more trustworthy and will be more willing to refer it to their users, if your content is placed on trusted websites. These methods help enhance your website’s ranking by pushing it through other channels. Your website’s level of authority will then start to build from there.
Technical SEO refers to website optimisation for crawling and indexing purposes. You can help search engines find your content easily and explore your site without any problems, when you utilise the right technical SEO. With data that is easy to interpret, your search page ranking can get a quick boost.
Opting for an easy path for your search engine optimisation strategy does not always end with positive results. In fact, getting excellent results in SEO can be done through both the hard and the easy way. We highly recommend white hat strategies for long-lasting results and a winning customer base as it is the proper way to do SEO. Quality techniques and strategies that target a human audience instead of technical crawlers are the core of this form of optimisation. Despite more commitment and hard work required, your website will have stronger rankings on Google and it will prove to be a valuable long-term investment.
Higher rankings may be observed using black hat SEO techniques, yet the practice infringes search engine rules. Those employing these techniques are at risk of getting highly penalised by search engines and compromising their overall website. People who want a quick result on their website will resort to black hat practices such as link farming, keyword stuffing, and other unethical techniques to optimise their website.
SEO is implemented to advance your site’s ranking in search engines and deliver your content to your ideal target audience. With proper link building, keyword research, and site improvements, SEO will increase your website’s traffic, turn visitors into customers, and enhance the sales of your products or services.
Pages which appear after searching a query and are ranked naturally are organic results. Technically, these pages have been optimised and have sufficient amount of unique content to rank on the search engine. PPC (Pay per Click) or paid results, such as Google Ads, are web results that advertisers pay for each click. Paid links can be found at the top and towards the bottom section of a search result page. For these links, the “ad” symbol visibly displays next to the listing. These two strategies have their advantages and disadvantages while ensuring you a satisfactory overall ranking. Organic SEO is the way to go if you want to build long-term credibility and improve your ROI as it can support your various marketing activities while directing steady traffic to your website.
Not that PPCs is of no good, it is the best tool if you are looking to generate fast leads and increase your brand awareness. It also is a great way to maintain the top rank without being impacted by Google’s algorithm.
Employing white hat techniques, it normally takes 4-6 months turnaround time for ideal results. Digital world is dynamic and constantly evolving, search engines will have to update themselves with new regulations and technology updates. So, SEO performance cannot be linked to a specific timeline and its final output does not always directly correlate with the input.
Hence, SEO is a continuous process. Some may see faster result compared to others. This depends on a number of factors. To have sustained and desired output, continuous effort is required to enhance the quality of the website content.
As search preferences and user needs are evolving, the requirements to rank high on a search engine are also changing. The main aspects in focus to rank high on a search engine are, having a secure and easily accessible webpage, quality content, relevant keywords and phrases, having a mobile-responsive website, and page speed. In addition, other factors like site authority, link strategies, technical SEO standards, and URLS also play an important role in ranking. Considering all these factors, it is very crucial to prioritise end user experience as all search engines value their users the most and user experience has utmost importance.
YES. SEO will continue to have impact your website’s ranking on the search engines. Keep in mind that consistent effort is needed for SEO to provide positive ranking results and improve top line and bottom line of your business.
Search engines develop and update their algorithms all the time. Professionals, who continuously learn and follow the industry, will have some insights into the patterns and methods employed by these search engines. So, SEO is a continuous process which involves working with search engines.
SEO services involve many factors as mentioned in previous FAQ, hence, to attain best SEO results, coordination between business and SEO consultant is very vital.
SEO is very dynamic and competitive. In order to have sustained and needed success, the value proposition of your business has to be continuously enhanced and kept relevant to the needs of your customers, to stay ahead of your competitors and be leaders in your business.
Keep your goals in mind at all times as businesses may have other goals beside ranking on the top of SERPs
The simplest and most common method is to type “SEO services providers/ consultants” in any search engine you use along with specific location, for example, Bangkok. You will be seeing a list of search results in your area.
Professionals and companies that provide SEO services with in-depth understanding will show up on the first page, or called SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). It is recommended for you to thoroughly go through the website, read about the services offered and various reviews of their client and pick a service provider that matches and is capable of catering to your needs.
The next step is to arrange a meeting, either virtual (through phone, skype etc.) or face-to-face, and talk through your goals and objectives. The most important aspects to consider are, their knowledge about your industry, their experience in SEO optimization and their previous track record.
The next step is to check the current work load of SEO provider and their capacity to deliver the desired results. Then, the capability of the SEO provider team has to be considered. It is also essential to consider the ability of your team to coordinate with SEO provider to get the work done within the specified time and deliver the required results.
An SEO consultant can be located anywhere and need not be in your city since the best SEO optimisation work can be done and delivered online.
The answer is simple. SEO can be done by yourself, which does not cost anything. You can study for SEO certifications, gain experience, and implement the techniques. If there is enough time and desire, you can also learn coding and build your own website and optimise according to your SEO needs.
But, how many people can afford to set aside their time for this? While, we totally support you to enhance your SEO knowledge, it is wise to spend on SEO services to give your business an edge over your rivals and promote your business in digital world with the help of the real SEO experts.
In this instance, SEO is not free. Nevertheless, associating with a professional service provider along with incorporating your preferred methods will provide you with the desired results.
As a matter of fact, SEO professionals provide various services. Depending on the size of your organization, various pricings and packages are provided. It is advisable for you to choose services which suit your organisation’s budget.
Whilst, you are engaged in managing various aspects of your business, it is advisable to hire a team to help you, as keeping up with SEO changes and ensuring a proper implementation is a full time job.